Yoga Teacher License

Steps to Get Your License:

1. If you currently hold a minimum 150 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, you are eligible to sit for the C Class (Tahap 1) Yoga Sports Teacher License.

2. Register your Interest with MYSA here (or click here to complete the form or complete the form below), to sit for the Entrance Exam.

3. Scan a copy of your current Yoga Teacher Certificate and send to or Whatsapp to +601116660392

4. Upon successful completion of the Entrance Exam, you will be registered to attend the next License Program, to suit your convenience.

5. If you do not pass the Entrance Exam, you are required to update your knowledge to meet the minimum knowledge and teaching standards in Malaysia. To do this, we recommend that you embark upon another Basic Yoga Course. This may be carried out at any centre or Yoga school of your choice. MYSA offer an Introduction to Teaching course, and you may find out more here (Click here)

6. Upon successful completion of the Level 1 Yoga Sports Sport-Specific License Program and CPR & First Aid course (mandatory requirement, also provided), you will be invited to sit for the Level 1 Sports Science Course.

7. Upon successful completion of the Sports Science Course, you will be issued with your Yoga Teacher License Certificate and License Card.


This Licensee Programme  is now a requirement for all Yoga Teachers in Malaysia. So, if you are already teaching Yoga and wish to be recognised by the Government of Malaysia, you can sign up now to join the National Registry.

In order to register to join the Licensee Programme, complete the form below, or please contact us.


In order to sit for the License you must already be the holder of a minimum 150 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. You may also be required to sit for a basic entrance examination, to check the depth of your current knowledge.


The fee for the Initial License is RM480. The License is subject to a yearly renewal and refresher, costing RM320.

Next Course:

Please check our events calendar for upcoming course dates.

In order to sit for this programme, you must sit for your Entrance Exam. Please Contact Us for information on upcoming Entrance Examination dates.


Examples of Yoga Sports Licence

You will see below an example of the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certificates issued under the Licensee program.

Please note, these certificates are property of and protected by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and any unauthorised imitation, duplication or any other unauthorised fabrication in whatsoever way of these certificates will be dealt with seriously and actions will be taken accordingly.