National Yoga Sports Championship 2019

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The Malaysian team return successful from the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship 2018 held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India from 27th – 30th September 2018.



Achievement and Results:

Malaysia won a total of 11 medals at the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship, India 2018, achieving overall 3rd Placing out of 15 countries, with 3 Silver Medals and 8 Bronze Medals.

The team won medals in the following categories:


Yogasanas, Boys Age 8 – 11 Years:

Haarrvin Karthik, BRONZE

Yogasanas, Girls Age 11 – 14 Years:

Harini Vijayakumar, BRONZE

Artistic Solo Junior (8-17 Years) Boys:

Yugindraa A/L Chancivee, BRONZE

Artistic Solo Junior (8-17 Years) Girls:

Thiloshirny A/P Arumugam Sinnathamby, SILVER

Rhythmic Pair (8-17 Years):

Harini Vijayakumar, SILVER

Thiloshirny A/P Arumugam Sinnathamby, SILVER

Free Flow Yoga Dance

Haarrvin Karthik, BRONZE

Harini Vijayakumar, BRONZE

Sudarshan Varma A/L Sivapragasam, BRONZE

Thiloshirny A/P Arumugam Sinnathamby, BRONZE

Yugindraa A/L Chancivee, BRONZE



Penghargaan Tertinggi untuk seni Sukan Yoga Antarabangsa

At the championship, Mahaguru Dr. Ds. Lingham Pillai, our Mission de Chef, Head of Coaching Yoga Sports, and Founder of Yoga Sports in Malaysia was also honoured with one of the world’s highest award for Yoga, the title of “YOGA RATNA” for his unmatched contributions, promotion, and propagation of yoga sports in Malaysia, in Asian Region and around the world. A proud moment for all Malaysians and for Malaysia. He is the First Malaysian ever in the country to receive such an International Award for Yoga Sports. This has made Malaysia to be one of the highly respected countries in Yoga Sports in the International circuit for setting high standards in performance, quality, and technique.