Mahaguru YogiRaj YogaRatna Yogacharya Dr. Ds. Lingham Pillai

Master Lingham has been a practitioner and teacher of yoga for over 36 years. As Founder and President of Malaysian Yoga Sports Association, he has lead the Malaysian team to achieve great success Internationally, most notably with Malaysia currently ranking 2nd in the World at the 24th Amateur World Yoga Sports Championship 2015, which was held in University Malaya, 18th-20th December 2015, Kuala Lumpur.

Pioneering Yoga Sports in Malaysia, and throughout Asia, while maintaining his commitment to teaching, he is working to see the youth of Malaysia flourish and achieve their true potential through yoga.

Employing a holistic approach, Master Lingham’s knowledge in yogic science, yoga therapy, Siddha Vaidyam and disease management, yogic philosophy and the Vedas, and meditation approaches is unparalleled.