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The following is my personal input after having gone through 52 hours sessions over a period of 4 weeks. This course is a personal challenge for me as I have to put aside my personal home routine to attend the weekend sessions. At first I was hesitant in joining the class, knowing fully well that a lot of sacrifices have to be made each weekend, and I can fully commit myself into each session and to stay focused all the way, I should not join. There was a lot of apprehension going through me at the start but once I made that decision, it was my principle that I should remain focused all the way. Before I know it, the time has come where we shall be evaluated and the sessions are nearing its end. It has been one gruelling, intensive session for me but I think the changed a lot of my perspective as for as Yoga is concerned. The knowledge imparted to me was both profound, inspiring and an enriching learning experience, and one which I shall carry with me as I plod along life’s path. The things I see in the class are an entirely new perspective for me. It is something new which I have never seen before. It is put to me in an entirely new perspective. I have learned the different processes to reach each asana, the usage of various asanas, the asanas to improve the reading and cleaning process, the various breathing exercises plus the importance of the anatomical part of Yoga. Also the importance of counter poses. It might not be life changing but a lot in the class rubbed off on me. It is just awesome and inspiring all at the same time. Thank you very much Master Lingham.
Doreen Liora
Age: 65
I joined Yoga due to stiff neck and shoulders which I experienced as a result of long hours in front of desktop. That time Yoga was just a stretching and stress release exercise to me. However, after taking up the Yoga Sadhana Intensive lessons, it has changed my perception on Yoga. I learned and get to know how important pranayama is in Yoga practicing. With just breathing techniques, I’m now able to practice Yoga and withhold it longer in a posture, with the understanding how ATP is released during bramhana and langhana with the extension and contraction in muscles. Not only the breathing techniques, I learned that with correct and guidance from a qualified Yoga Master, an impossible pose due weakness and ‘ill’ area of one’s body, can be ‘possible’ and treated over a period of practicing. There are more that I will pick up and learn after the lessons, overall I’m grateful that I have joined the class and will share more on Yoga with others.
Goh When Chen
Age: 44
I have been practicing Yoga Asanas intensely since 2007. While I have been under the able guidance of Smt. Kasturi, and she has introduced me to a lot of asanas, we have not really understood the dynamics behind the asanas. Your course has been holistic. Namely., you have introduced many new asanas and better and more intensive breathing techniques. Indeed, I believe your breathing techniques have saved me from hospitalisation during the 2nd week of course since the rest of my family members were admitted to hospital for a week. I now better understand the dynamics behind all the asanas and I have since corrected some of the poses/asanas which I used to struggle in before. Your various explanations help me understand Yoga in a much more realised and simplified manner. It also inculcates more disciplined approach toward the asanas. Your explanation also leads to more mental and physical and emotional discipline. More so I feel I can help my family member in their Yoga asanas.
K. Ramanathan
Age: 65
My four weekends of Intensive Yogasana Training by Master Lingham. My understanding and knowledge of Yoga has gained depth and breadth. Of how Yoga should be practiced with Saranaagati (absolute surrender), Shruddha (faith) and Bakthi (devotion), in-order to awaken the Prana (life)and Mano (mental) Prana (force) or the essence of Prana Sakthi flow. The detailed breakdown (step-by-step) exploration of Pranayama, Asanas, Positive/Negative effects, Anatomical and Therapeutic focus are truly enlightening. Besides, the Yoga asanas perspective, I find it relevant to the Vipassana meditation practice. I can apply the pranayama and asanas technique to help enhance my meditation sessions. Dhanyavada Mahazaya (Thank you Master)
Ow Lay Swan
Age: 59
I found the sessions to be highly informative, giving me a complete holistic view of Yoga. Prior to this, I had breathing difficulties for many years. I had to be aware of every breath I took as I had shallow breathing, hence lacking in O2. Whenever I tried to breathe deeply, my chest experienced discomfort. Doing the asanas and pranayamas with Master Lingham’s guidance, I was surprised to find that my breathing is now ‘normal’, no longer discomfort. Master Lingham also helped to rectify my asanas, which I am very grateful for as this was one main reason why I attended his sessions. I wanted to learn the correct postures and breathing to safeguard myself from injuries. I thank you very much.
Vimala Sahadevar
Age 48
1) Gave me a deep knowledge on what Yoga and asanas. What it involves and benefits. 2) Breathing techniques: improved breathing able to inhale and exhale longer. 3) Feel more alert and don’t feel lethargic easily. 4) With the correct breathing, asanas have improved. Able to hold the position longer.
Age: 55
Benefits: - Excellent knowledge of Yoga. - Understanding it totally. - Finally makes real sense of doing every position. - Most importantly doing every asanas with the proper breathing techniques. Changes: - Breathing has greatly improved. - Less of cramps or muscle pull. - My B/P (low) now so so much better. - Enjoying Yoga now more than ever!! - Feel less tiredness. Gratitude: Master Lingham, thank you!
Age: 46
In this course I have been practicing Yoga for long and it has brought lot of changes in my life. Lately, after attending these classes of Siddhanta Yogasana conducted by Master Lingham, I found Yoga much more interesting and deeper. My breathing in my regular yoga practice seems to be very simple but the technique taught by Master Lingham was great. The deepness of the breathing can be felt and the serenity was profound immediately. This experience was exhilarating. The lesson on Anatomy was remarkable. The junctions of each body parts, nadis, body, joints, the muscle groups and organs were conveyed clearly and all of them easily mounted in my mind. Though meditation by the word looks simple but only after attending this class, I’m able to learn and enrich my knowledge on how to meditate properly. My nature is to be caring to all old age or depressed people. I would like to teach these sort of people some mild Yoga techniques and breathing practice. I hope the aged people will benefit from Yoga and live in happy and healthy manner. As the saying ‘Practice makes everything perfect’ goes, my desire is to practice the asanas regularly to make my life be in a healthy and joyous condition. Thank you Master.
Shamsath Begum
ge 42