Free Flow Yoga Dance

  1. The team will consist of 5 players either all boys or all girls or boys and girls mixed.
  2. It is the presentation of various Asanas (postures) including forward bending, backward bending, balancing, lying postures etc. performed in dancing movements with music, preferably with some theme.
  3. The team can perform same postures/different postures / pyramids/ free flow movements.
  4. There should be perfect synchronization of body movements with the music.
  5. Number of postures performed should be 8-12 Combination of Asana of competitor’s choice.
  6. Time duration for the presentation will be 180-210 seconds (3 to 3½ Minutes).
  7. The competitor will maintain each posture for at least 3-5 seconds during the performance.
  8. The transition from one posture to another should be slow, rhythmic, synchronised and in dancing movement.
  9. The Free Flow Yoga Dance Championship will be held in only one open Group (mixture of all age groups)

An example of Free Flow Yoga Dance can be seen below: